Common Name: Valerian
Scientific Name: Valeriana jatamansii Jones
Nepali Name: Sugandhwal, Samayo
Family Name: Valerianaceae
Parts Used: Rhizome
Main Uses: Rhizome and root have medicinal properties to relief from pain, heal wound
Medicinal Properties: treatment of Epilepsy, Dysentery, high blood pressure related problems
Active Compounds: N/A

Introduction: Perennial aromatic herb about 50 cm high with a thick rootstock. Basal leaves long petioled, ovate, acuminate, dentate or sinuate, cauline leaves short petioled, opposite, small. Flowers white or tinged with pink, in terminal corymbs.  Ramets numerous, intermixed, in cluster. Rhizome spread parallel to the ground surface, rooting.

Availability: Distributed from 1500 to 3600 m usually in north facing cool forest areas, shrubby areas and open places. Abundant from 1500 to 2000 m in north facing cool, shady and moist slopes. Occurs in almost all hilly districts from East to West Nepal. Common in forests of Rhododendron, Juglans, Taxus etc. Dense in Rhododendron and Pine forests in Western Nepal.

Harvesting Time: November to December

Description of traded part: Rhizome is 2 to 7 cm long, strong, woody in nature, unbranched, brown, scented very strongly, smells like animal, possessing fine roots, spot showing maximum leaf fall.

Uses: Rhizome and root have medicinal properties to relief from pain, heal wound, stimulant, sleepiness, anemia, gastric, digestive, expectorant, diuretic and killing germs. In Ayurvedic system, used in the treatment of mental problem, spinal related diseases, headache, stomach and eye pain, Epilepsy, Dysentery, high blood pressure related problems, Gastritis etc.


Essential oil is extracted from the rhizome and root of Valerian. Essential oil is used commercially in the manufacture of perfume, cosmetics or other industrial materials. Essential oil is also used to manufacture hair oil, perfume and incense and in the treatment of spinal related diseases.

Conservation Status: Government of Nepal has prioritized it for Cultivation and Conservation.