Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt. Ltd. is an agricultural company mainly established with the aim of answering a question how valuable natural resources of our country can be optimally utilized, which is well known for its own abundant natural resources and strengthening the rural population by improving their social and economic status. Annapurna Aroma has been majorly engaged in cultivation and contract farming, distilling and processing of aromatic plants from various regions of Nepal. Annapurna Aroma is a culmination of extensive research into the aromatic plants from Nepal and the desire to promote exploration of the bountiful medicinal and therapeutic resources potential of the Himalayan range. In addition, we are also involved in the development of agro-technology for the advanced scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants that are of commercial importance to local farmers.Currently, we are selling different types of natural and pure essential oils of the finest quality which are scientifically tested. Besides selling the pure oil we have our own blends which are produced after a rigorous research. We have also been able to increase sufficient product lines within a very short timeframe with a significant increase in distillation units.

Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that works in exporting Essential oils. The organization is located in Santhinagar, Kathmandu Nepal and the Director is Mr. Prashun Satyal

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