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Everest Agro- Industries

Specialty: Not Defined

The Everest Agro- Industries is an organization of farming and trading. The products include Jatamansi Oil, Anthopgon Oil, Juniper Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Cammoine Oil. The organization is located in Mahendrangar, Kanchanpur and the director is Mr. Ram Bahadur Chand.

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Contact Number- 9749508590


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Everest Gateway Herbs Pvt. Ltd.

Specialty: Not Defined

Everest Gateway Herbs is working in processing and cultivating of essential oils and crude herbs. The organization is working in Dolkha and representative is Mr. Mitra Jirel.

Contact Email- N/A

Contact Number- 9741045520

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Gajurmukhi Herbal Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Specialty: Essential Oil

The Gajurmukhi Herbal organization works in manufacturing and farming MAPs. The products that are associated with the organization are Taxus bccata, Lycopdium, Dry Flower, Patachouli and Jatamansi. The corporate office  is located in Sinamangal, Kathmandu and the Managing Director is Mr, Bharat Kumar Basnet.

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Contact Number- 9851057095

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Gorkha Ayuryed Company Pvt. Ltd.

Specialty: Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Product

The Gorkha Ayuryed Company works in the collection, cultivation and processing of Ayuryeda Health products. The products that the organization works with include Ayurveda health products, herbal teas, essential oils and morel mushrooms. The organization is located in Soltimod, Kathmandu and the Managing Director is Mr. Ramhari Subedi.

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Contact Number- +977 1 4286873, 4286875, 4280016

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Gorkha Exim Pvt. Ltd.

Specialty: Ayurvedic health products

Gorkha Exim (P) Limited is a leading Nepalese company run by highly experienced and qualified professionals involved in herbs and natural products sector for more than a decade. The company deals with Ayurveda health products, natural nutritional supplements, herbal teas and essential oils. These products have been helping people over the centuries, restoring them to health the natural way.

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Contact Number- 9851033346

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Green Wealth Industry

Specialty: herbal oil

The sole objective of the company is customer satisfaction by delivering excellent products at correct price and reliable services through our commitment, hard work and dedication. And this comes only from extensive research. Hence, with the development strategies for which we continue to thrive, we respond and reach our customers quickly. Stringent quality standard and use of eco-friendly ingredients are the two areas where we outline our competitors as at these points, we never compromise. However, sustainability, generating awareness through various channels, expansion of marketand search for more products which are still not accessible or available for our customers and their needs go hand in hand. We continue to strive for products which our consumer need. Instead of taking an easy way and just giving name to the product of an established brand, we continue to work dedicatedly for our customer's needs and requirements. Even if the product or its raw materials may not have a broad market, we and our team of energetic people work constantly for the needs of those customers who seek for it. Instead of looking for number of consumers, we believe in taking qualitative approach to reach our consumers and fulfil their needs that too keeping in mind the suitability of their pockets.

The organization is located in Nakhipot Lalitpur and the Director is Mr. Subash Subba Limbu.

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Contact Number- +977-15572373, +977-9841253452, +977-9841935480

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