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    Expression of Interest from Services Provider

    Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA)   is an umbrella organization of Nepali herbal collectors, producers, manufacturers and traders in the sector of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), particularly Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). NEHHPA has financing agreement with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to carry out the activities of "Implementing the NTIS in the sector of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (IN-MAPS)" Project which is financed by the Enhanced Integrated Framework with additional financial   support   from   the   German   Federal   Ministry   for   Economic   Cooperation   and Development (BMZ) and the Government of Nepal. The Project is executed by the Ministry of Forests  and  Soil  Conservation  (MoFSC)  with  technical  support  by  the  (GIZ).     The identified activities of IN-MAPs project is to:

    1. Update Nepal Herbs website (designing)


    NEHHPA therefore seek new and existing service provider to work with us for this task. Interested service providers are requested to submit technical as well as financial proposal for this purpose. Detail ToR for this is available at

    Please include the following mandatory documents along with the proposal:

    1.   Organizational/Individual profile including:

    a.   Description of the organization/individual

    b.   Copy of Certificate of Company and VAT Registration

    c.   Specific services and expertise offered in major areas of EOI

    d.   Tax clearance certificate e.   CVs of key personnel

    f.    Areas of operation and location.

    Qualified organization or individual are requested to submit the proposal by 17th August 2017.


    Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA)

    Teku, Kathmandu, Email:

    Tel: 977-1-4100207


    1. Update Nepal Herbs Brand Website

    A. Background

    Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA), an umbrella organization of Nepalese herbal producers, manufacturers and traders in the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) sector particularly covering Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) sub-sector, was established in 2002. NEHHPA is working to build sustainable business system for the promotion of herbs and herbal sector in Nepal.

    NEHHPA vision is “Sustainable, profitable and healthy commercialization of herbs and herbal products in Nepal contributing towards the overall economic development of the nation”.

    Mission of NEHHPA is to:

    • To understand and respond to members’ business development needs and aspirations and create enabling environment.
    • To provide business services in terms of knowledge, information, skills, advocacy and business development services to the stakeholders.
    • To attract, serve and mobilize new members by providing affordable, accessible and applicable business service.
    • To work closely and collaboratively with members and stakeholders to promote profitable MAP business enterprises.

    NEHHPA’S activities includes:

    NEHHPA actively supports its member companies through:

    • Human and Institutional Development (HID) through Training and Capacity building
    • Enhance individual, technical and systemic capacity of staff, producers and entrepreneurs to produce, process, supply and market quality goods and products
    • Data, Information for Market Information System (MIS) Development and Networking
    • Build data and knowledge base to increase marketing capacity for growth and development of MAP products in local and international market through development of proper markets and marketing channels.
    • Enabling environment creation and policy advocacy
    • Create favorable working condition and supportive regulatory mechanisms for MAPs/NTFPs business and enterprise development and operation.
    • Develop BDS service capacity on business, quality control and branding
    • Supply certified quality products with brand name.
    • Fund mobilization and management
    • Generate fund from various sources to flourish the business sustainably.

    'Nepal Herbs' Collective Trademark was prepared in collaboration between NEHHPA, Jadibuti Association of Nepal (JABAN) and Herbal Entrepreneur Association of Nepal (HEAN) with support of Nepal German Trade Promotion Programme (TPP/GIZ) on 2015.

    The collective trademarks help in mentioning common standards of Nepali herbal products while marketing these products in national and international markets. The collective logo was prepared after wider discussion and several revisions and interaction between major stakeholders including JABAN and HEAN along with concerned stakeholders including Department of Forest (DoF), Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), Department of Plant Resource (DPR) and Department of Industry (DoI).  

    Since, the Nepal Herbs collective trademark is especially targeted for export destination a strong communication tools is needed. So, NEHHPA has constructed a static website of Nepal Herbs. This website is a tool for buyer to seek information regarding the collective logo. Hence, an updated dynamic website is required to communicate with international buyer.


    B. Purpose of the assignment:

    The purpose of the conducting this assignment is to create a dynamic website of collective logo Nepal Herbs.

    The updated website will provide following information to the buyer:

    • Nepal Herbs Brand
    • Objective
    • Mission/Vision
    • International and National norms
    • Code of conduct
    • Members using the Nepal Herbs logo
    • Products using the Nepal Herbs logo
    • Procedure to acquire the logo
    • Information  of foreign counties where logo is formally Registered
    • Information about the organization like NEHHPA, JABAN and HEAN
    • Videos and pictures etc


    C. Scope of service of the consultants:

    The scope of this assignment is as follows:

    • The methodology and tools will be presented to NEHHPA before implementation.
    • Resource person/consultant in close consultation with NEHHPA will design the all overall layout of the website.
    • S/he will lead the overall assignment.
    • The methodology will be presented to and discussed with NEHHPA team before actual implementation
    • Propose the new latest international standard website design to NEHHPA
    • Contact with members for acquiring the desired information.
    • Compilation of all the collected information in standard format
    • Develop more additional content to be added in the website


    D. Approach/Methodology:

    The resource person/team of consultant is expected to follow the following methodology:

    • Make a checklist of all the components for which the information is required
    • Verify the checklist with NEHHPA team
    • The consultant  shall collect the required documents from NEHHPA
    • Contact with NEHHPA members for acquiring the desired information
    • Compilation of all the collected information in standard format


    E. Key requirements of consultant/consultancy institution:

    The resource person/consultant will have a responsibility of designing the in consultation with the NEHHPA team. The resource person/consultant will be responsible for overall coordination and facilitation of the process. The consultant / organisation should have:

    • At least Bachelor  Degree in Information technology
    • Experience in similar field
    • Knowledge in research and data collection
    • Proficient in both English and Nepali


    F. Expected Results/ Outputs:

    Following are the expected results of this assignment (contract):

    • Dynamic website of collective logo “Nepal Herbs”


    G. Working Schedule:

    This assignment is to be completed within the contacted period in the time frame of fifteen days, as per the time line indicted by NEHHPA in their terms of reference for each of the activity:



    No. of days

    • Develop a basic components

    Meeting with NEHHPA team

    1 days

    • Compilation of information

    Preparation of data

    2 days

    • Update of website


    12 days